A visit to Lalibela: On tour with our Ethiopia Specialists

Posted on Thu July 13, 2023.

Suzan from Yared Tour & Travel tells us today, what Getinet experienced during his recent trip to Lalibela in the north of Ethiopia, a site famous for its rock-cut monolithic churches:

“Recently, Getinet and his family embarked on a visit to Lalibela, aiming to gain a firsthand understanding of the impact of the conflict in the area. Reconnecting with our local partners is crucial for us, as it enables us to provide sustainable trips to Lalibela. Additionally, Getinet assessed the condition of accommodations to ensure that we can continue offering quality stays.”  
While being in Lalibela, you not only have the chance to visit the renowned rock-hewn churches; there is also the possibility to extend your stay for a 2 to 3 days community trekking experience in and around Lalibela through the Abune Josef Mountains.  
Suzan knows more about this unique experience: “Day 1 offers challenging but breathtaking views as you trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya, immersing yourself in the local mountain community. Discover Gelada baboons and interact with villagers. Spend the night at Ber Metebekiya, experiencing local traditions and enjoying a traditional dance.”  
For the next day, she recommends: “Day 2 takes you to Abune Yousef Park, where you can explore its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and visit Dewalka Village for picturesque sunset and sunrise views. Day 3 concludes the trek as you journey back to Lalibela, stopping at Merebarbu for a snack and game viewing along the way.”