Ethiopia Specialists Sustainable Product Development workshop in Addis Ababa

Posted on Thu October 26, 2023 in Sustainability and CBT.

This month we hosted a workshop in Addis on Sustainable Product Development. 13 of our Ethiopia Travel Specialists were present at this event.

They acknowledged the important role of the local communities in the overall travel experience for the client. Since our local DMCs have a pivotal function, literally bringing these 2 worlds together, we discussed intensely how to balance the benefits and negative impacts of tourism for local communities.

Peter Richards, an expert in community-based tourism, gave an inspirational online presentation and some useful examples from the field. In small groups, the Ethiopian Specialists used these insights to work on new product concepts and presented these to their colleagues.

One of the main outcomes was that new initiatives in the field of community-based tourism should be fostered as a joint effort of this group of endorsed tour operators.