Addis Ababa by foot: On tour with our Ethiopia Specialists

Posted on Thu July 13, 2023 in Travel Stories and Updates.

Have you ever experienced the capital and largest city of Ethiopia by foot? Suzan (Yared Tour and Travel) looks back: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to employ innovative methods to adapt and thrive.

Getinet devised a brilliant idea for a safe and enjoyable city tour in Addis Ababa, emphasizing sustainability - by foot! Now that the pandemic is behind us, we have recently made some adjustments to the tour, transforming it into the perfect experience for travelers and expats seeking a unique exploration of the city.”

Margaux embarked on the journey accompanied by our colleague Askale, serving as her knowledgeable guide: “They strolled through the charming old Faluwa village, the historic Menen village, as well as Arat Kilo and Piassa.”

Naturally, no visit would be complete without paying homage to Lucy. This city tour definitely presents a sustainable and entertaining approach to discovering a different facet of the city - the genuine and authentic way.