Coffee Tours Ethiopia

The Kaffa region of Ethiopia is widely regarded as the home of the Arabica coffee plant, where it was fist cultivated- the name sake of the most famous drink in the world that everyone knows as coffee! So it was obvious at the start of our company to register as Coffee Tours Ethiopia PLC, still our famous coffee tour is our all time best seller.

Started in 2008, founded by two dedicated Ethiopians, experienced in guiding and excuting tours and graduated from Ethiopian Tourism Institute, we have grown in to full service Destination Management Company, with 6 experts in our Addis office and 15 drivers and tour guides 'in the field'; all trained and officially licensed. Offering a wide range of services, developed and managed by our own employees - to guarantee quality and character - just like a good cup of coffee!

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  • Intangible culture
  • Tangible (built) heritage