Tesfa Tours

Mark set up Tesfa Tours in 2010 to continue promoting the community tourism he'd been developing since 1999. To us community tourism means a sustainable partnership between philanthropic businesses and community run enterprises. Although the last few years means not all guesthouses are operational, we currently have around 12 operational community run guesthouses in Wollo (near Lalibela) and Wof Washa forest (closer to Addis).

A few days trekking through these areas will give you an insight into the local way of life, while at the same time supporting these local villagers and providing you with a sustainable and wonderful holiday. We design tailor made holidays that mostly combine community tourism, with visits to the cultural heritage sites for which Ethiopia is famous, and some national parks which offer something quite different to the rest of the continent. We love hiking but we will work around your preference.

Our Recommended Tours


  • Community Based Tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Intangible culture
  • Religious
  • Tangible (built) heritage
  • Wildlife watching